Las Vegas: Terrorist Attack - 20+ dead, 100+ injured

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  • [ – ] Reksio reply Confiscating all guns is pointless and even dangerous. Terrorists will have them from illegal sources anyway
  • [ – ] skreutzer reply Oh, it appears that you have a different definition for "terrorism" than maybe other people have. I personally would distinguish between terrorism as actions that serve a greater goal, almost always a political/ideological one, as the terrorist doesn't stand a chance on the regular battlefield and has to resort to underground tactics to instill fear among his enemy, making himself appear bigger than he is, while you have ordinary criminals and murderers on the other hand who kill people while robbing a bank or because they're upset, but they're not organized in a movement to reach a common goal but operate on and for their own. You have international terrorism that is active in more than one country and the national terrorism which wants to overthrow the current government. About erasing gun identification numbers and x-raying: there are two ways of putting them on. One is stamping them in and one is engraving them in. The latter can be removed without leaving x-ray traces, the former...more can't, and now it depends on the weapons factory what system they use and if those weapons are made for export or not, if the exporter wants to remain hidden for illegal arms trade. They have to stress that he was white to prevent guys like you from falsely claiming that he shooter was a Islamic terrorist, but of course we both know that skin color doesn't help much to determine to which kind of terrorist organization, if any, somebody belongs to. So in case of this festival, where are the attendees who brought their guns to the event in order to put up a resistance to whomever is shooting from the hotel in the dark? OK, the guns might not be allowed on the festival ground to avoid that they accidentally shoot the musician or intentionally somebody they have a drunken debate with, but the initial problem could also be that the shooter was in possession of a weapon that would be illegal here because it's a weapon specifically made for war, to kill a lot of people in a short period of time. I mean we could theoretically agree that people should be allowed to bear arms and bring them to the festival, I wonder if that would be of any help in a situation like this. People would just shoot each other because of difficulty to identify the initial shooter. By now, it appears that the name of the shooter was published by the police or leaked/researched soon after the incident, but I wonder why all of their surveillance was yet again unable to prevent it, as always. Either law enforcement knew about him before which demonstrates that you can't have a video camera in peoples minds, or they didn't knew, so reading all the e-mails is a huge waste of time and money. As far as I know, you can possess a fully automatic weapon in the US, but you have to fulfill more requirements than other ordinary weapons. But all of that doesn't matter much, question is how easy it is to get them.
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply A nice youtuber explains how to deal with libtard ticks
      • skreutzer parent reply It's the Internet, people can bring up whatever topic they like, and it might even make sense if topics are related to each other, and yes, attention is very important nowadays as everybody has better things to do -- there are certainly multiple ways to go about it (you could also feed the conversation where you don't actually care or troll them, triggering them deliberately). You know, I'm wondering from time to time if it wouldn't be better to do things instead also writing about them, but if there is no conversation going on, how can you adjust your opinion, get new ideas etc.?
    • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply I never said that he was an "Islamist" and what are "guys like me" in your opinion?
      • [ – ] skreutzer parent reply Maybe I'm doing injustice to you and apologize for it as you have been careful in good journalistic manner to not suggest a connection explicitly, but around -27:07 ("stressing white"), -8:11 ("fighting the root cause") and -6:33 (channel's theme) my impression is that you cover only certain incidents, which is fair and valid, on the other hand, there are other things going on elsewhere we usually don't care too much about:
        • [ – ] sowhat-vidme parent reply No worries. It has now come out that the killer converted to Islam and that ISIS claimed responsibility. It is all over the internet. Bad luck for leftist apologists of these attacks.
          • [ – ] skreutzer parent reply But I guess you know that the IS is claiming responsibility for every bag of rice fallen over in China as part of their PR strategy (take Orlando for example)? Regarding his conversion, I would like to wait until more of the background comes to light, which doesn't necessarily have to mean that you should not be allowed to count it as an IS attack for now.
            • sowhat-vidme parent reply Yes, I agree. The whole story that we are given does not really add up. Some people say that the man was depressive and was high on drugs. Others say it was ISIS. Others say it was Antifa. Others say it was multiple shooters. Some claim that it was a false flag operation. Members of his family say that he was not interested in guns at all. The whole story stinks to High Heaven, in my opinion. It does not add up, it makes no sense, somehow.
  • [ – ] AndyOch reply The military is made from the stock of these types of Americans. Whatever nationality this person came from are going to get an elbow for the next two hundred years.
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