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  • ZenTango reply Sara Luciani, a dance teacher in Rome says, "Zen Tango combines a particular philosophy to dance dance in the develop a sensitivity which leads to internal harmony....the principles of Zen Tango not only help you to dance better but also help you to live better" The music is "Sur" which was composed by Anibal Troilo...the lyrics are by Homero was composed around 1947....this version is by the Anibal Troilo Orchestra with the voice of Roberto Goyeneche (1926 - 1994) was recorded in 1971 We teach tango argentino through Zen techniques of breathing, visualization and is in fact powefullly helps people relax and find serenity and in many instances greatly improve self esteem Music "Sur" by Aníbal Troilo Y Su Orquesta Típica;Roberto Goyeneche (Google Play • iTunes)
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