Youtube vs. Vidme which is better for the creator? Reality Augmented ep 15

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  • Blakeouts reply your content is amazing, i hope more people get to find you
  • Blakeouts reply i finally found you!
  • Hoolagan747 reply I can spell once. Between video me and my phones auto correct you'd never know that
  • Hoolagan747 reply Edit feature? Delection capibility? Seems one it's here its here to stay exsacly the way you put it....right or wrong forever
  • TheHabit reply On YT you can go to the 'trending' or popular videos and it's all ads for new movies and Steven Colbert videos with 50,000 views. Clearly you can buy the front page.
  • uNople reply Good points made here. On good content generally rises to the top, but on YouTube that's not really the case any more.
  • Y2JayDoesAsia reply some great points made. Agree with pretty much everything. The thing that I hate the most about YT now is the algorithm is all about watch time, and people with established audiences get more watch time so it holds new video creators now. Here, the algorithm seems to reward engagement, views, comments and upvotes.
  • ChrisAtariNerd reply Vid me community is much nicer and supportive.
  • Star_Wars6collector reply drop all youtube and google
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