Tokyo Tina - TillyEats Chapel Street #28

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  • HeroicVillain reply Alright, that's it. *checking online for Australian visa application* HEY, I don't even need a visa.
  • [ – ] J_Ellen reply I'm so hungry right now xD Also I love your style <3
  • [ – ] Dexter561 reply i am so hungry right now XD
  • [ – ] duffy reply mmmmm looks good :)
  • [ – ] SurfersSelfies reply god damn i love food from melbourne. soo good
  • [ – ] DieselBob reply Zee Germans make hock or knuckle (schweinaxe?) pretty similarly. I like the kimchi more because it's more flavorful
    • tillyeats parent reply At a german place was were i first tried ham hock! Most Asian Fusion restaurants in Melbourne at the moment are using it now.
  • [ – ] USUandS reply Absolutely love Japanese food. The way that rice cake was put together looked interesting, but in a good way. And holy hell, that 2nd course looked like a monster of a meal to finish. I honestly don't mind messy food either. If I'm into it, it won't matter at that point cause I'll love the food. I've had similar chicken ramen before with celery, broccoli and carrots. Sucks that it wasn't that great though. Looked like an interesting meal overall
    • [ – ] tillyeats parent reply Japanese food is some of the best! I really enjoyed the texture of the rice cakes cooked that way, crispy yet still gelatinous. I had high hopes for the ramen, but this one missed the mark. Doesn't mean i wont't try it again.
      • USUandS parent reply It is! Sushi being my go to most of the time, I do like ordering rice cakes when I can. It looked like it'd be my favorite part. Hopefully the ramen will be up to par next time 🤞
  • [ – ] LazyCook reply I really love ham hock; lots of bang for your buck.
    • [ – ] tillyeats parent reply It seems to be a trend at Asian fusion restaurant at the moment.
      • [ – ] LazyCook parent reply It seems odd to me because I associate ham hock with European food, particularly Germany. It lost a lot of populartiy in Europe since the 80's because it is fatty. It has started to gain popularity again though; probably because of the popularity of the keto diet.
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