Boyfriend Caught Cheating with Big Booty!

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  • [ – ] hellenb3ll reply Not sure about this, something seem not real. Anyways, if it is real, woman is as sinister as her boyfriend. She put her boyfriend into this situation. For what reason? I would like to know. For argument's sake: none of this would happen had she not let herself get used by this douchebag who is just egging her to do something poorly thought and impulsive act. Who's interest is it for this woman to get mad and crazy and perhaps break up with her boyfriend? If plans to do it is as bad as doing it (by her standards), then she is as bad as he is, if not, even worse. She was the one who set this up (plus the douche bag). So what was she planning to do knowing that the only result would either be cheating or not cheating? And btw, even if he decided to meet her, you still have a weak case of cheating since the other woman was only part of your scheme. Now, if the other woman becomes genuinely interested to him, then she is the one cheating the most. Thanks to you, you have created this. I ...morereally hope this is all just fake, if not, you have seriously fucked up your relationship, woman. A word of advice, be smart, don't let your self be used by selfish douchebag who are just trying to make a show.
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