5 REAL Ghost Hunters Horror Stories

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  • AgentShadoWolf reply im gonna have to move here to, glad u mentioned this place for us narrators
  • PrickGrimes reply Damn bruh this is like the new YouTube
  • razzsputin reply Welp sitting hear watching this at 3:42 at night waiting for my wife to go into work so im out in a dark parking lot windows down i think i might be a bit insane....
  • ParaGirlStories reply I saw an apparition during one of my investigations x
  • blootypirate reply Though ghost hunter shows are quite amusing to me, I don't think I could ever gather up enough courage to actually go out and do it myself. My uncle and his friend used to work at a church, and they went in and blessed houses and did exorcisms and stuff, and they've come out of those houses all scratched up, sometimes to the point where they're bleeding. The paranormal really gives me the chills, so I don't think I could ever go out of my way to go and hunt them down. But anyone that can is truly brave
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