Vidme Orwell be Censored - CrimeThink Pilot (Pt.2)

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  • [ – ] Rawman reply My feelings right now... I'm tempted to test how to get deverified while documenting the whole thing so the community can know what and what not to do. (Don't worry. I won't do anything). I feel that of all the people de-verified this guy was by far the LEAST offensive and harmful of the lot (Kent and Andrei was way more offensive in comparison. I wish no one got deverified because it's literally killing a channel). I've seen comments from him publicly critique vidme so I think this is the reason. On the other hand all of the madness has forced me to just step down on being the creator I've enjoyed's basically killed my channel but whatever it's no longer fun to be blamed for stuff... The 50gb limit is super obvious it's based on channels that don't get views. Every channel that I've seen so far got the email are channels that get like 10 views and 2 votes per video. Basically channels "wasting" storage space. Public discussion is a very very important thing and it's s...moreomething I mentioned to the staff too in the feedback Friday thing yesterday. Thanks for this podcast guys. Good show.
    • [ – ] JennyFedora parent reply It's a shame that someone like @sandia_mesa_mlh was unverified, sent multiple e-mails asking why, and then had his Subreddit Post Deleted. We've been slowly trying to build a community of creators in the New Mexico area. This is discouraging to a say the least.
      • Rawman parent reply This has been a very discouraging situation. I think we need to get a change. The community are not dealing with this the same way as last time so they have no excuse to shut us out. I hope they can deliver us the answer otherwise I don't feel comfortable to be the creator I want to be on vidme. I'm even over thinking my Reddit posts/comments.
  • Kentantino reply uhhh you mention my name more than 4 times is like saying Lord Voldemort they will get angry and spank you lol... really thank for standing up and showing how things are working.
  • Driveling reply Wasn't aware of the drama. My favorite, very much politically incorrect youtubers who've uploaded their content here seem to have done so without a hitch. Guess I'll have to wait and see what happens.
  • AmandaFood reply I agree vidme can still turn it around and be a competitor to yt. Just a bummer that not enough people (actual viewers) know about the site there's lots of great content (creators) exclusively to vidme. I think maybe with more exposure/advertisement of the site, will help with lots of these problems? maybe. How to do that? I haven't a clue. Good video discussion yall had. Sad seeing a creator unverified.
  • [ – ] o_OFrosty_BrosO_o reply I wish any platform would enforce a rating system (pg, pg-13, r, m, a) like the movie industry. Then the advertisers would be able to put advertisements on the videos they like. That would be a simple fix. There are always advertisers that would just want there advertisements videos and the ratings system would be a way to categorize.
    • MirrorBLK parent reply 1η §нøяτ; τнατ Шα§ τнε øя191η øƒ "αÐ-ρøςα£¥ρ§ε" øη ¥øμτμβε.
  • skreutzer reply -8:48 But the point is, you're not even a customer. If their business model requires ad-friendly content and not criticizing the site in order to fund you gratis hosting, then I find it hard to find a moral or economic obligation why they should publish and promote content that doesn't contribute to or even harms their income, as it doesn't conflict with freedom of speech and doesn't constitute censorship. -6:30 Problem is that users don't value freedom or independence much, they rather want all services to be gratis, which was/is the perfect opportunity for people who understand digital/software to entrap them in their offers and keep their data hostage. There are open protocols and formats out, there's libre/free software, and the user gets tricked again and again by big corporations into their proprietary business models.
  • nodetact reply Late to the party, i suppose... Been doing some digging in my ost producing friends channels, and i figured that while i have some of the other featured creators booked in for my gaming entertainment that id give Alexs small business studio a try. Hobey ho, here we go: The unpopular opinion is far less sentient for course that it in due time has the realized potential to become popular in itself. Your friend does make good points over his ironical backfires with his emails to the Vidme staff about his unverified channel, and i am not one to tell him that there was too much to expect back later on, too. And it's pretty clear to me (as it was to skyward wing when he was briefly on here along with millions of other content creators on platforms not limited to YouTube or Vidme) why its not the spontaneous decisions but the open discussions that rev up the most disdains from the communities, and this is crap that a lot of us knew from heart via life lessons elsewhere from mainstream/alter...morenative/etc. Social medias in our in real life worlds, but it only became top notched in relevancy when this all surmised... When you think about it, Facebook/Twitter/Reddit/YouTube/Patreon/etc. has shockingly very similar aspects to Minds/Gab/Steemit/BitChute/Hatreon/etc. Even in the "this shit is so bizarre you would think that even though there are many times throughout the course of our history that things needed a second chance or so to eventually stabilize, the diabolical leeching of what may very well be the root of our society never should have needed the same timeline of choosing whether you stayed on mainstream social media because you were blindly used to it, or to only ever be an activist or journalist or whatever thriving of a guide you deem to be to prove what sucks so bad about using it, even if you too are simply used to using it and even just as unturned as your not-exactly peers" as well as "not even alternative social media is everything, you want life to change, change in life" ideologies for people even like myself that don't quite know what we are but do know that there's definitely more out there than what is portrayed in the best light, that is something Vidme can't unverify.
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