Locked and Loaded: Trump Issues Military Ultimatum to North Korea

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  • TheCommonNephil reply This Time Kim Jong Un will be our bitch
  • zakanater19 reply gott mit uns
  • RookieRanger reply >California could be nuked in your lifetime Feels good.
  • Brandon95 reply Clanking intensifies!
  • Cyriu reply Destroy their nuclear and defensive capabilities via naval and air strikes, and let the South Korean cavalry take care of the rest. That is the best way for both nations to work together on ousting that madman, the sooner the better.
  • HadesXY reply I cover yet again behind my swiss neutrality. But please don't nuke them. That would look stupid. Throw some MOABs on them, I don't fucking care
  • Auceza reply Trump does well. Trump also was right 20 years ago.
  • Cryptonymus reply Thank God the Clinton legacy is over. Fuck those people. Absolute shit.
  • [ – ] monkeys306 reply Question dose China really want American bases right on their boarder.
    • atchuu parent reply Probably not, but until other nations begin policing the world like China has started to do for their trade routes around the horn of Africa, we'll continue to be the world's police... Also with neo-cons wanting war constantly, it makes sense...
  • Bal6fs2 reply Ill stop my jesting on this topic, this situation is NOT funny, in any way, shape or form...i'll put it this way 1 target 1 kill orchestraiter not choir. Like a gta mission orders are kill THE TARGET THE oni 1 kill THE target , you take out THE target and you take out everyone around THE target with one shot...you think those bodygaurds will work in that country ever again... thay FAILED 1 shot the whole flawk falls, no fucken sense in using nukes, if it was up to me... it would-be done... and the citizens of NK would be sitting at home at the dinner table as a family and eating a balanced meal, enjoying time with there children, WITH OUT FEAR. i feel that way tords many countries eliminate THE orchestrator. I may have gone to far with that emotion but, idgaf thats how i feel . Just shoot that fat fuck so everybody eals can live a life. Fuck him.
  • TwoCatsYelling reply If NK is truly being a threat, and this isn't all just posturing, then absolutely, yes something should be done about it. But my cynical side just keeps telling me "ehhhh... they're suddenly putting all their attention on NK... tells me there's something else going on they don't want us paying attention to". I wonder what that "something else" might be. It's happened before, after all.
  • jjbraddock reply Time for China to reign in their boy. Millions of troops will mean shit. Nukes will take out billions.
  • NinjaTabby reply Stop hating on oboma all presidents have there weaknesses and strengths I'm so tired that everyone focus on just the negatives
  • KilledInAdvance reply Little Kimmy is going to get his ass handed to him if he wags his chode much longer.
  • ottomatic1 reply Never thought of it this way. Plus that was hilarious when oboner got stiffed at the runway in China. Great memory.
  • stonedheptahammered777 reply Solid analysis. U rock Styx.
  • [ – ] VidmarHeck reply So how many Americans has NK killed lately? Just checking?
  • VybeyPantelonez reply Damn styx look at your channel lol.... it's booming now
  • blekkleik reply What if NK has got nukes from the black marked..?
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