Are You a Picky Eater? This Might Be Why...

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  • Enetious reply Nearly forgot about for a time. It's very nice how many of my more favored creators are posting here as well even though there isn't much of a viewership in comparison to YouTube, and the quality of the videos here are extremely crisp and runs a lot better! Loved the video by the way, never knew that the taste of bitterness in foods was genetically tied to a very specific gene! I'm average, so I disliked bitter foods as a child and grew to like stuff like vegetables and stuff. Always nice to learn something interesting.
  • FearsomeRubberDucky reply Hey buddy, never thought I'd find you on here, lolz.
  • Nuclearsheep53 reply If I can't taste the bitterness in vegetables, how exactly does that allow me to not be repulsed by fried bark scorpions?
  • Nicodemous52 reply I think calling them "scientists" is a stretch, let's call them what they really are, philosophers. Unless, they have some evidence of this evolutionary psychology beyond their inference.
  • Cidsa reply Yep I'm a supertaster (I have way more tastebuds than the average) and am therefore really picky. It's kind of a pain actually..
  • TvenningMedia reply This was very educationall! As a picky eater myself, it's great to see that I have an actual, legitimate problem and it isn't just a habit thing.
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