MLP Editorial: Cupcakes and Grimdark Fan Fiction

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  • [ – ] TheFerbguy reply Pretty much, Out of everything. I find that cupcakes has the most attention next to Rainbow Factory. (This is coming from a Brony). Honestly, I think 'Butterflies' was a bit of a predecessor to 'Cupcakes'. To lay that down, Fluttershy takes Pinkie Pie into a cave where she hangs ponies up and fills their bodies with larval (Cocoons, where caterpillars change into butterflies) It's a dark story and it's a way that Pinkie suffers for torturing Rainbow Dash.
    • [ – ] Cyborcat parent reply Yikes. If I get on another grimdark kick, maybe I'll check that one out.
      • TheFerbguy parent reply Alright then. How I know about this was someone did a dramatic reading of it which lead me to the fic itself. very grim stuff and lead me to think twice on who not to upset especially in the dark world
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