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  • Sock_Puppet reply Can you expect anything better from Black Hitler's foot stool?..
  • Thorvald793 reply I may be late to this, but Riley sounds like a bad Jim Henson character...who is trying to guilt women into sex.
  • MultiKillerjoe reply I feel so bad for kids that watch Riley and believe his retarded shit. Our future children are so doomed if they grow up into society with insane people like Riley cause the next thing u know they will be sexually identifying themselves as pineapples!
  • GoMGTOW reply I'm far from being tolerant and accepting.
  • vidles reply skullytmcgra do you think trump is better then Hillary
  • MirceaSava reply Never go full retard!
  • skullytmcgra reply Politically correctness is a fucking joke and the far left is somewhat retarded. I hope someday someone would see through the bullshit. SJW is cancer to the Democratic party. I'm glad Hillary Clinton is not President because USA doesn't need retarded person that would make this country look bad. If the USA had Hillary Clinton as President we be fuck.
  • AsinTonic reply excellent thank you..
  • Edgewood reply That..has to be one of the worst examples of satire I have ever seen. But it seems Riley's also attempting an extremely poor version of reverse psychology, what with the 'hit that dislike button'. They know some people will hit the like button in a bid to spite, and instead actually help Riley along.
  • Aaronshy reply Well that was ridiculous. What the heck is wrong with Riley there?
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