Will Mass Effect: Andromeda Be Too Casual?

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  • bunniiBGG reply I don't play but I still like to hear about these things 😁 good vid
  • Fandomlife reply http://www.fandomlife.net/?p=3429
  • Fandomlife reply I commented to early - yeah, MMO-isation of everything, it's a killer. But I think Mass Effect being a shooter was fine as they stripped back a lot of RPG baggage and focused on other things which I preferred.
  • Fandomlife reply I really liked Mass Effect. All of them, including 3. I don't really agree with your take on three. The whole point of three was largely to make you aware of the impact of your choices. I saw my choices decide the fate of whole species for God's sake. As for Dragon Age: Inquisition...what pile of crap. It's this game that has me worried for Andromeda. The introduction of open worlds and MMO elements into every frickin' game known to man. Crafting. Pointless fetch quests. Busy work rubbish because the world is so gloriously big...but empty. That's what I worry about as the language as suggested it will follow an Inquisition structure. Which will be balls.
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