Life Sucks - Anxiety.

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  • [ – ] TIKHistory reply I like your animation style. It's simple and effective. Out of curiosity, how quick can you make a video like this?
  • Fireceeper reply Love you max
  • [ – ] BoyProfligate reply @TIKHistory they can be made in about a week if its not rushed or delayed.
  • [ – ] Xylynthian reply Oh the video was great btw. Keep it up man.
  • [ – ] Xylynthian reply I'll be your buddy if you'd like
  • BlueFlame1 reply Hard to say what you should improve on, as I simply love the animation and the topic addressed. Maybe you can try an animation describing how you arrived at your Identity, or Identity issues on the whole, but it could be a touchy subject, depending on how far you tread into that deep hole. Eh hem, "that's what she said". For variety's sake add a dash of color in a pivotal moment. Darn, all of these are more of suggestions than improvements. ah ha! try to collab with another voice to help illustrate the story or point, so it won't feel too isolated. crud, never mind. You are solid my friend. X)
  • Kualdir reply Dude i don't have anxiety but all you said that you have... I feel the same
  • Ninanine reply Hey is that Steven Universe? That's one of my favourite shows do you enjoy it?
  • YasashiiHitoDesu reply You're such a great guy. Watched every video of Life sucks by now and i found you today so you should know that i quite liked it <3 ty for making Videos. Subscribed bro <3
  • bladeking02 reply way better than being fat; everyone looks at you with disgust
  • KurtH reply You are what got me into this website! I attempted to start up a VidMe channel, and it was great! I took a week or so to make myself a YouTube channel, but it took two minutes to make an account here. Your content is impeccable as well, keep it up and don't stop!
  • thytonic reply This was the first video I found from you. Still great as ever, Max!
  • outgone reply Great video <3
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