Saints Row 2 #45 - Shopping Center (Ultor Stronghold)

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  • [ – ] BobbyTheSheep reply Hello human! This is still THE BEST Saints Row of all the series. It was ridiculous enough to be funny, yet realistic enough to be gritty. You cared about what happened to the Saints. With the later games, they tried to go way over the top till it seemed forced and seemed like they were trying too hard to separate themselves from GTA. But Saints Row 2 is so underrated. What a great open world game!!! Thanks for uploading this human!! As a sheep I am really happy to see this! Do you have a YouTube?
    • [ – ] Abedsbrother parent reply Indeed I do! Thanks for watching!
      • BobbyTheSheep parent reply Thanks human! Just subbed to you! Liked that there are many Saints Row 2 videos! Hope to see more of the older classic games like those! <3 Here's my own sheep video, you know? :) If you enjoy, maybe you can sub. But if not it's cool. :) Happy to have found you either way human! Keep up the good work!
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