101 One Piece Facts You Probably Didn't Know! (101 Facts)

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  • mosshead_hunter reply you joined vid.me now too? damn i think a lot of people are gonna start joining vidme soon also btw this is mosshead hunter is ya didn't know
  • 2Spooky reply Hello Vid.me! This was my first ever fact video that I released to Youtube! So keep in mind it is very old. I will be uploading all of my videos from Youtube over to Vid.me overtime, so we will need to get through the old and somewhat bad videos first. I am fully aware this video has mistakes, the audio quality is bleh, and it could overall be much much better, and in my personal opinion I think I've improved A LOT since this video came out, so just keep all that in mind, drop a follow and subscribe to me on Youtube as well, and thanks for watching!
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