With all due respect Mr. President

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  • whitezombie reply Found you dude! Trump? Wtf do you want from him blood? They keep him so drugged up he doesn't even know what day it is. In a year he will be asking permission to go to the bathroom. Sure he seems to be operating on his own but then, so did obama. The figurehead may change but the rest remain. You want change ? Find a man to support.Trump is a blowhard , all talk. What the U.S. citizens need ,is a crazy motherfucker who will turn the system on its head from day1. Of course the chances of such a person getting nominated not to mention elected are less than a snowball's in an active volcano, but we can hope. Trump will play ball, change some details for cosmetic purposes , blow his own horn , spout some slogans , organise some rally s, but nothing that matters is going to change. Nothing to inconvenience the military industrial complex of corporations that really govern the U.S., without the consent of the people.
  • thoggy reply Commenting for the heck of it! Thoggy glad he found you on this site!
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