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  • [ – ] AnimeReviews reply SeaTactics, if you don't talk about politics, this probably won't affect you, but if you DO talk about politics, this does affect them, as in, if you don't lean far Left, they would probably target that video.
    • SeaTactics parent reply Besides some awful things Youtube has done with the monetization on their platform, I think we should wait until it starts happening. Which is the jist of this video, we should just wait and see. It's all we can do at this point, and yelling about how Youtube is dead and OUTRAGE isn't what should be done right now. We should be holding Youtube to their word they won't do put political videos into limbo. Yes, you are right, it will never affect me. But we can't be so sure they'll attack people on the left, right or middle. Until it happens we should remain calm and once it does happen, that's when we should act. Until then yelling about it and using something very close to "fear mongering" will not help anything. That being said, this video is addressing those people that are being malicious about this, and have no intent of hearing anyone out. But if you are right, and if the less respectful people are right, then I will be the first to admit it. I respect the opinions of you and m...moreany others, and I try my very best to admit when I'm wrong. Can I ask you something about this, as I'm genuinely curious about your thoughts. Will Vidme accommodate Political content now? I for one hope they do, as I love political channels like Dave Rubin and Colin's Last Stand.
  • Rambodian reply Who cares, YouTube will censor itself out of existence.
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