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Let's Play Factorio [EP: 22] - Lasers

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April 4 2017

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In this episode of our factorio achievement run we begin to employ lasers and expand our resource base. Episode: 22 The first episode of this play through is here: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- This is a 100% (almost) achievement run, the only achievements I'm skipping I feel would reduce the quality of the series. I'm really loving factorio and it has quickly become one of my most played games, I recommend it 110% for anyone who likes the genre. This play though is unmodded but for my next one I will probably do bob's mod or some other complexity adding mod. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- Suggestions: More Factorio: Rimworld Season Three: BattleFleetGothic:Armada Campaign: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- About me: Hey, I'm Mythious. I produce gaming content with a focus on strategy and Sci-Fi! My content varying from let's plays, to walk throughs, tips, and tricks. I hope you guys enjoy the show! Channel Link: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- Social Links: Twitter: Twitch: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- Extra Info: System Specs and Programs used: ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­----------------- "What is Factorio?" Factorio is a resource gathering game with real-time strategy and survival elements, with influences from the BuildCraft and IndustrialCraft mods for the Minecraft computer game. The player has to survive by finding and harvesting resources to build tools and machines, which can then create more advanced materials to allow for the creation of more sophisticated technologies. As further depth into the game is reached, the player may be building and managing an automated factory-style system, which can mine, transport, process and assemble resources. Players research advanced technologies that allow them to create new structures and items, starting with basic automation and leading to drones and exoskeletons. The game is formally "won" by launching a rocket with a satellite, though many breakthroughs ignore this goal and just build interesting factories instead, as Factorio is an open world game. Constructing the rocket takes massive amounts of resources, forcing the player to set up an sizable effective factory to complete the game. There are achievements for finishing the game in under 15 or under 8 hours, which indicates the expected completion time for a skilled player. The any% speedrunning world record is 1 hour 52 minutes, but that is with a favorable map seed and aliens set to peaceful.

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