Sonic Adventure 2: Battle | Hero Story | EP 1: Two Hedgehogs?

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  • [ – ] MaestroMikes reply You're not alone. My capture software basically plays games with my emotions.
    • [ – ] stargamers parent reply Yeah, can't say I miss those days. I believe we were using Playclaw when we recorded this, but that was a long time ago. We moved on and we use Action now. It seems to work pretty well for consoles we're using the Elgato, but not sure what you're currently using.
      • [ – ] MaestroMikes parent reply Interesting. I use the Elgato as well, along with the software that comes with it.
        • stargamers parent reply Strange. I know we had problems recording directly through the Elgato recording software for the PS4 (though we speculate that could be due to my laptop not being powerful enough) perhaps thats the culprit?
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