Damaging Questions EVERY Libber NEEDS to Hear!!

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  • Apho-Risma reply Frail minds cannot face truth and reality... so what else is new?
  • yourvagismysafespace reply I watched to see how the disposable red shirts tied into the video's title. SPOILER ALERT; it doesn't.
  • spookyboo reply Thank you. Making vidme my platform. YouTube will be censored with a BEEP with a big disclaimer sending people here whenever I post a video.
  • Auceza reply Good speech. But Lefties aren't interested in arguments. They are just interested in their own feelz. And of course they are interested in Socialism and Fascism in order to realize their insanity.
  • Only1Truth reply "Facts don't care about emotions", one of the better lines I heard that counters the Leftwing snowflakes.
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