fight back against youtube

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  • mutualSOUL reply Thus begins one of the first battles of the Third Meme War.
  • [ – ] Big_Blue reply Youtube doesn't care anymore how many subscribers you have. They are going full thought police and will take you down, the only motivation they have now is political.
  • Gabedavictor reply Lots of support for you CreepsWork :D
  • StonerPepe420 reply Collectively our autism vastly surpasses the known spectrum. Our autism has no boundaries. Sadly, there are dark times ahead. Back to the meme foundry, we must go.
  • RustyAdventures reply Fans will wait for quality over quantity. Fucking FUCK YEAH!!!
  • ikki6567 reply Glad you're uploading to Vidme; just flushed my Google account down the toilet today.
  • DisgruntledAnon reply I've boycotted Youtube and all other google products. I will mirror your best videos on VidMe so long as I'm allowed to. I've started using HideMyAss VPN and the Tor onion browser for my surfing. I've deleted my GMail in favor of ProtonMail. We can defeat this disgusting corporate serpent together with our combined autism.
  • FuCcBoI reply I will share your vids
  • [ – ] FilthyFrankVEVO reply Why don't you just play it safe and censor out "nigger" and the like from your videos? Much less risk that way.
  • [ – ] Legionaire1776 reply Can Youtube do that?
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