Soros Media Matters All In On McMaster, Crazy Maxine

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  • sowhat-vidme reply I had no clue that you know so much about the Frankfurt School, Marcuse, or Horkheimer. They are responsible for the cultural marxists having taken over the educational system in Germany.
  • sowhat-vidme reply I think McMaster, Brennan (not Bannon!), Kelly, Ryan, McCain, Mueller, Rice, and lots of other people should all be investigated for High Treason. Same as Clinton, Obama, Soros, and many others. And this censorship and the subversive fraudulent fake MSM have to be stopped as well. And Antifa and BLM should be forbidden, they are terrorist organisations. Sorry for writing so much, no need to answer. Many greetings to you.
  • Only1Truth reply My question is who's side is gen Kelly on? The timing of the entire thing with Kelly getting hired and even the Scaramoochi thing almost seems somewhat set up, or a staged thing, why did Scaramoochi act so crazy with the things he said like he was almost trying to get fired. I don't know its all very odd.
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