We Need To Talk: Cartoon Community, Change, Fake Happy, Trying Too Hard.

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  • Annunziata reply Justin, be you! The exaggeration is honestly not necessary for you to be amazing. Especially when starting to make videos; I felt that whole uber self take center stage. You really do seem like a really nice guy. Your content and passion speaks for itself; do not worry about being a character, follow your heart and the success will continue to find you.
  • ALLJArt reply The best thing to do when you are on the internet and have a following, is be yourself, genuine, fake is overrated and I personally enjoy real people. Be natural, be yourself and you will be happier!
  • thy_koosk reply Idk who will read this but, we all have a public face that has some differences to our ACTUAL personality. Im glad people are seeing that now and I'm also happy to see content creators starting to go after new things, you do you Justin! Evolve into the best version of you!
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