Daily Monster X-030

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  • [ – ] DarkkTV reply I don't think it makes you sexist. Well tbh I don't know lol that whole thing can be really confusing and a lot of that is in a gray area I feel like. I think you've been drawing "male" monsters because that's what your more comfortable with, I could be wrong. Like you said, they might not even follow human genders or even have a gender. Interesting thought.
  • [ – ] rroxyann reply I really don't think it is sexist. A monster is a monster and as a woman, I think that it is flattering that your female monsters are mostly birds. I love birds. And they can easily represent the female gender in monster as in any other kind of living or fictional persona.
    • [ – ] StefanBucher parent reply Thank you for the absolution, Roxy. I'm thinking that I need to push myself a little more on this. Maybe I'll make a few un-filmed Monsters, and post scans on the site for feedback.
      • rroxyann parent reply I think it would be a great idea! I can't wait to see them. By the way, I love the transparent collar on this one, nice touch! :-)
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