How is This a Thing? 15th of September 2017

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  • [ – ] RayOfHope reply Hillary read the last chapter of 1984, saw that Winston Smith in the end loved Big Brother and promptly assumed that was the central message of the book.
    • Xexor parent reply Well, she also read somewhere about the 4 vs 5 fingers. But you're pretty much right. Hell, Hillary could've just *watched* the movie (as terrible as it was, although the Eurythmics' album was excellent) and gotten the gist of Orwell's novel. Alas, nowadays the people with the tiniest brains seem to have the greatest influence. :(
  • [ – ] Makoto_Chan reply Scholarships should be given based on the person's circumstance and abilites rather than their ethnicity or race.
  • [ – ] LaughingMan_d8D reply To slightly explain the "latinx" BS, in Spanish the words change depending on which sex is being referenced. Male Latino or Female Latina, Spanish at it's root, by SJW standards and how they've butchered English, is a sexist language.
    • [ – ] blazedu parent reply Really, that's why? Hahaha, those sjws were so offended by the latin languages that the had to make a non gender specific word for it. Well guess what fuckers, portuguese, spanish, italian, french and probably greek (since it's the root and all) are like that since their creation. What are you gonna do about it? There's no way your made up genders would work on our languages. Since ancient greece, they knew there were only 2 biological sexes and defined their language around this truth.
    • [ – ] Ndoki parent reply To explain even further, most languages have gendered words, some even using gendered words for their nationality (Latino/Latina, Phillipino/Phillipina etc.) and due to the recent arguments about "transphobia" and "cisnormative" and "gender is a social construct" BS, of course gendered words have got to go as well.
  • [ – ] Ndoki reply Aww, one scholarship is being denied to white people? Come to Canada, where almost every online job application form directly asks if you're a) a female b) a visible minority c) aboriginal d) disabled, or e) all of the above. ...and since I qualify as none of them, guess how many job interviews I've gotten? I would gladly trade a scholarship for almost every job in my own fucking country.
  • ClimatePonziLie reply Merkel doesn't have enough guilt about how Germany controlled, Europe as it seems that Germany is still trying to dominate Europe, they missed the lesson that Germany was guilty of controlling others. Merkel is still out to control others in Europe as Merkel is the pushing Authoritarian on Europe under then guise of Human rights. What about the human rights of those that live in Poland and Hungary to keep their culture.
  • blindfire reply Self loathing is reaching crazy levels. I wonder when it will reach a boiling point? It is bad in western Europe and the US, so how much more can we hate ourselves without seeing drastic action?
  • DisgruntledAnon reply Hillary, holy shit, please. Stop. STOP. Jesus christ. Orwell is SPINNING in his grave.
  • Victor_von_Doom_Jr reply USA stands for United States of America. Yet, regressive retards doesn't even want that because despite popular believe they don't propose unity, rather segregation.
  • blazedu reply And the stupidity never ends. It keeps getting worse and worse. Just like merkel removing a german flag, waving her head in disapproval, i can see the sjws going after the US flag. But at that point, i think a huge reaction would occur by the older generation. For them, the US flag is respected and held to a very high standard so i don't think they would go unchallenged like they did with the confederate flag. Meanwhile in the avoided immediate dystopian future, we have a politician who funds terrorist groups and was so biasely supported by the media telling us that Orwell's 1984 is a dangerous book. Yes, telling the truth in these times is dangerous indeed. Good thing the book wasn't released in current year or it would cause such an outrage that the author would be in big trouble.
  • rxantos reply If I where a parent at that school I would probably buy a lot of Making American Great Again caps and give it for free to students.
  • BlobWords reply I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the American flag has been under attack. There have been several stories in the past 5 years of neighborhoods going after Veterans who hang a flag in their front yard. And they've already pretty much outlawed the confederate flag.
  • Sharpwing reply Yeah, there's nothing left to say except "This Shit is Insane."
  • [ – ] EquallyWorthless reply I'm half Irish, half Portuguese. That counts as multiracial, right?
    • blazedu parent reply Well, the portuguese held slaves in brazil and at one point divided the world in half with spain whereas the irish were oppressed so i guess it evens out. Unless they look at irish and immediately assume christian therefore racist sexist homofobe white supremacist and if so, they would consider you double white because they would also assume christian from the portuguese side. But don't worry, it says there, clear as day, "identify as" meaning you can say you identify as whatever and they have to accept it or they are discriminating against your identity :D. As a "pure" (as far as all my grand grandparents) white male, born in portugal, if i migrated to any of those regressive countries, i would be a privileged hobo, that is holding down the rich ethnic people, since i wouldn't be able to find any jobs.
  • TrendyDictator reply I hope any sane parents started moving their kids out of those "schools". No amount of friends and contacts(most of which you can still keep thanks to the internet) can make up for risk of political or racial "incident". And to people who would say that finishing this or that school is important for career prospects: when paradigm shifts all of people with "progressive" schools on their CV will find themselves in a very bad situation.
  • [ – ] Mrcoma reply I can see Poland leave the EU and rejoin the Russian federation.
  • [ – ] Rule62eh reply Where's the Subscibe button mentioned at the end of the video ?
  • Cedarwooded reply oh because whites are being displaced and it is seen as good for an interlocking variety of reasons. But you wont care. Too collectivist for something gay.
  • Vortec67 reply She don't care about lifes she took a lot of life...
  • Vortec67 reply Fuck that bitch
  • VybeyPantelonez reply She should get bernie to give her free college so she can learn literary analysis.... i had to read 1984 in middle school and as a middle schooler i could have done a rebuttal of that reading
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