Thoughts on Cryptocurrency: Helpful but not Perfect

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  • artifax-enterprises reply It's always good to be diversified and I do agree with you on the point that you should buy a little crypto, a little gold, a little silver, and store up on some food ;)
  • artifax-enterprises reply Actually NEO is the Chinese version of Ethereum and they are cracking down pretty good on cryptocurrencies in general. I think that crypto will hopefully, eventually free us from debt slavery.
  • Brandon95 reply It's an interesting time to be alive in terms of technology.
  • [ – ] gkresurrect reply Just don't use Coinbase. Use a hardware wallet. They just closed my account because I apparently violated their TOS -faggots.
    • The_Eldritch_Bee parent reply I here kraken is better than coinbase and has lower fees. I'm awaiting tier 3 verification so I can buy BTC with fiat.
  • [ – ] VixTradingSystems reply I'm sorry Styx, you continue to show your ignorance on all things economics. Stick to whatever it is that you think you understand, because it's not economics. To state what one 'could have done' several years ago. or what on would 'might be worth' had they done this or that - is Meaningless. It is a worthless discussion for those interested in actually growing their wealth. Firstly Bitcoin is a total fraud and has zero intrinsic worth. It truly is the modern day tulip bubble. Secondly you have numerous well run and well monitored securities at your finger tips via equity markets, futures markets etc. There is no fucking around in those markets. You're not going to wake up one day and find out someone broke you 'wallet' or that your country has finally decided to come down on it and poof there goes your money. You can't hedge bitcoin, the market is shallow as fuck, is volatile as fuck which really should give people cause to pause about what the fuck it is they think they're inves...moreting in anyway, rofl. It's too fucking funny. A total scam. Its that obvious. There's going to be some seriously butt-hurt dummies out there soon enough and who they gonna blame? lol, government, hedge funds, banks, Jamie Dimon, lol,.......ANYTHING but themselves. Idiots will be idiots. It's why they're not wealthy in the first place. Don't know fuck.
    • CapnPipsqueak parent reply "Firstly Bitcoin is a total fraud and has zero intrinsic worth." So does money, gold, rocks, pebbles, tokens, vouchers, and anything else that is used as a medium of exchange. The value of a form of money comes from it's function, and that is it's acceptance as a medium for trade. US dollars have no value in Australia outside of currency exchanges, because nobody in Australia will accept them. Likewise, merchants in the US won't accept AUD.
  • Belarus-Chan reply Great video as always
  • The_Eldritch_Bee reply I'm really liking safex.
  • DickDitty reply open-source, pays 6% on deposits, non-iterative transaction ledger, genuinely anonymous; I have not confirmed any of these things. That would be a good thing for spoon-clangers to do 🙂
  • schoqqer reply silver won't help in a SHTF situation either. I need food/ammo not worthless metal bricks/coins
  • OrionBlastar reply BTC and other virtual currencies are being investigated by the Federal Government to see if they threaten the USD. Thailand did the same thing and banned the use of Bitcoin and others because it threatens their Bhat. If The Great Collapse (TM) happens in the USA, there will be power outages and you can't access Bitcoins or anything else on the Internet, so be prepared and stock up on tools, food, water, things you can use to trade with others as well as anything you can use to defend yourself.
  • YakopDankMemes reply Check out my last video funny af xD
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