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  • [ – ] MrTheMisfit reply damn dude this really got to me, I feel you. while I disagree with you on not calling people out on videos I think you make so much sense on why most people come to vidme for, it's not about the cash for most of us but sharing our ideas, stories or art(whatever form that takes).Thank you for this video.
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you for watching and commenting my friend I really appreciate it. I definitely think the greatest part is seeing those ideas, stories, and art on Vidme. Creators who would of gone unrecognized or buried on YouTube now have a place we can all watch and share their content and support it. I am so happy to have found creators like yourself and so many others it's what makes Vidme so incredible.
  • [ – ] danielamann reply Spoken from the heart man, and I can't tell you how much the things you say hit home to me as a creator here on Vidme. This community is so incredible, because we care about each other and are here to make content and share and just help one another. You're so right, I've never looked at a channel and thought about whether I should interact with them because of a number or anything. At the end of the day we are all people, with bigger things in our lives than just our content, and a lot of people tend to forget that. We should all take an extra moment to care about the person behind the video, or message or comment. This really got me inspired man. Not in the way where I'm running out the door to make a video...in the way where I want to be the best person I can be, not just for myself, but for everyone I can have some sort of effect on in my daily life. Thank you for this.
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply It's awesome to hear I was able to inspire you through this video. Your vlogs have inspired me a lot. I always felt and still feel Vidme can bring out the best in people. In also think it can allow everyone to feel free to showcase their passions and potential without fear of being brought down or being ridiculed. Thank you so much for watching and commenting really appreciate it my friend.
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply I actually do like this better than the other one. Here you input a benefit of a doubt and I really respect that. Both videos showed heart but here you were a little more collective. They both had a different tone/approach but the same heart.
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you for watching and commenting . As long as I'm always maintaining my passion in all my videos I can be proud to showcase the video. I'm happy you enjoyed this one more. I agree I was more collective and felt this was a better way to approach this topic.
  • [ – ] Rawman reply "it was just long, no it was pure garbage" hahaha. even when you do this stuff its so funny how you can still be a comedian. Jason "100% Comedy The Oz" Nova. "he is seriously crying right now im ready to cry my self" haha. I'm an introvert too bro i feel you. this video has some serious feelings to this. I am really respecting these videos its amazing how open you are.
  • [ – ] FaTaLViru5 reply Would be sweet if vidme could implement live streaming to this site
  • [ – ] iiMitor reply I can literally feel the raw emotion behind this video... It's dope to see that the vidme community has had such a huge impact in your life and has encouraged you so much... and you're right, this community should be working to help each other as creators, regardless of where we all are individually, that's what we're all about
    • rebeledgeentertainment parent reply Thank you so much for watching it truly means a lot. I completely agree 100% with what you said. The best aspect of this community is support when one falls we help them up. This mindset and belief matter what content might be making is going to create a platform of true potential. We will see things never thought or seen before. I take pride in supporting and loving everyone in this community because I want to see just how great this platform can be when we get the very best out of each creator here. Again thank you watching and commenting it means a lot.
  • [ – ] FaTaLViru5 reply amazing video <3
  • [ – ] FaTaLViru5 reply Got my results for verification it said .... Haven’t met the minimum follower threshold of 50 No cover photo, profile avatar, or videos uploaded Limited interaction with the Vidme community Not adhering to the Vidme rules... I have a cover photo and profile avatar and do have videos uploaded , I have been interacting with the vidme community. Also don't see how I haven't adhering to the rules, all I did was put up vids . The 50 followers I understand as I have 1
    • FaTaLViru5 parent reply Never mind it said those are common reasons, so it may not be all of them , could be just the 50 followers for all I know lol
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