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  • [ – ] yuiopads reply Youtube is getting higher traffic than last year. It's not dying.
    • [ – ] XGuyy parent reply link? I don't see it as creator friendly anymore especially, with them constantly trying to push pointless crap like YT TV or RED
      • [ – ] yuiopads parent reply Youtube heroes was a stupid decision though.
      • [ – ] yuiopads parent reply People complain about the end of youtube every year for click bait. Youtube red is making them more money. Companies pulling ads is out of their control.
        • XGuyy parent reply RED makes them more money but, that doesn't necessarily mean that they have the creators best interest in mind. The algorithms screwed just about everybody and the whole broken sub boxes issue and people losing subs out of nowhere have left a nasty stain on YTs record.
        • XGuyy parent reply When I originally posted/made the video (for YT) it was right around the time when pewdiepie got attacked by the media(hes a nazi,racist, white supremacist etc) and lost his show and network deal and when pepsi/coke started pulling ads . Its a little late to be uploading it on vidme but I'll still do it . Yea it seems a bit click baity
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