SHOCK! Forgiveness by Hoaxashian - He loves Smoken

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  • [ – ] RonRay68 reply Hé Robocop...nothing better to do the ridiculing a by the NWO heavily stalked person ?
    • RobboMax parent reply I listened to the audio on Hoaxashian's video "SNP Stalker Robbo Max" on which he speaks to a Dutch person. If it is you then this message is for you. If it us not then please let me know it is not you and pass it on to the dutch guy if you know who he is. During the video you say you stand for truth therefore I trust you will read what I say here and consider it objectively because Hoaxashian misled you. I very much stand for the truth hence why I do not like lies being told about me. I fully appreciate that you and Hoaxashian appear to have a good relationship and it is not my intention to destroy that relationship. I merely wish to provide you with the correct information because you made some unpleasant and derogatory remarks about me, which is disappointing since you have only had disinformation presented to you. You have clearly not heard my side nor (it would appear) have you fact checked what you were told. I will therefore set out the facts and correct what you have ...morebeen informed: 1. It was a vidme (not YouTube) channel that I created in July 2017. 2. I created the channel to allow me to comment on an a video by Hoaxashian in which he made another unprovoked defamatory & venomous attack on me. The comment I left was polite and even though he had removed his video, my comment can be read on my channel. It says: " Looks like I have someone bullying me with defamatory abusive comments who can't get their facts right." 3. I did not create my channel to attack hoaxashian. I have never attacked him and all I have ever done is defend myself. I have heard you supporting Hoaxashian for him defending himself therefore I trust you equally support me defending myself (particularly when the attacks on me have been unprovoked and I've never retaliated with venomous and defamatory abuse). 4. Contrary to what you've been told, my channel is not dedicated to attacking Hoaxashiam, I have 10 videos uploaded and only 1 (the latest video) is about him. 5. I don't produce videos but all the videos on my channel are collaborations between myself and either Smoken mirrors or Peekay truth. 6. Hoaxashian asserts that he dies not bully or use smear tactics. But that is exactly what he's done to me and many others on a regular basis. 7. Hoaxashian is misleading you about the Skype discussion we had. Peekay called me and the Rockno to discuss the Melbourne attack that had happened not long before. Peekay decided to add Hoaxashian (PT) to the call and he kept changing the subject to his historical abuse and what had previously allegedly happened to him. We kep entertaining his repeated diversions and discussed attacks on him, his police visits, his MP contact, etc in detail. I even suggested the name of a independent journalist to PT that I suggested may take up his story but he dismissed it (on the basis that he THOUGHT he wouldn't want to help him!) Since the purpose of the call was supposed to be about Melbourne (the reason i was told for the call), eventually after PT tried (for about the 6th time), I politely told him that we had discussed him at length and the purpose of the call was to discuss Melbourne. 8. You will be aware that Hoaxashian has a healthy dislike for Scottish people. I don't know why he is so prejudiced against the Scots but he has had such dislike from long before he ever spoke to me. I suggest that it is his general dislike of Scots is why he is so much against me. 9. I never said a bad word against PT yet in April (whilst he still had his YT channel ) he made a derogatory comment about me when he was complaining of people he perceived to be attacking him. In the comments section of his video, I poligely asked him to apologise but he refused to. I therefore phoned him on Skype to discuss the matter. He admitted he had no basis for the abusive comment towards me but still refused to apologise. 10. Since then I have merely attempted to poliyely defend myself from his regular and repeated unjusy venomous & defamatory attacks against me. I have always refrained from retaliating using the venomous defamatory abusive language that he uses against me (even though I would be fully justified to do so). 11. He has targeted me (along with Smoken Mirrors & the Rockno). Instead of getting angry and highly abusive like he does (when he oerceives he's been attacked but often he hasn't) we have dealt with it in a light hearted fashion because his is anger is not based upon real attacks on him. This is exactly the same as how you and Hoaxashian said you find fake terror attacks to be funny because they are so ludicrous. 12. After being on the receiving end of repeated defamatory abuse and unfounded false accusations by Hoazashian (including that I am Adynuff) in multiple different Hoaxashian videos, smoken mirrors. The Rockno and I had a discussion about our common experiences, which Smoken uploaded to vidme ( In the comments on that video 2 of Hiaxashian's followers complained citing the disinformation that had been fed to them by PT. I engaged in a discussion with both of them to set them straight on the facts. 13. When Hiaxashian misrepresented my 13 comments to you, your response was that it was "unbelievable" yet you knew nothing about the exact content of my comments nor the context in which they were made. You formed your opinion upon a false premise. Here are the facts: 1 comment was made to Hoaxashian when he made false and unprovoked defamatory comments about me; 9 comments are in response to comments by 2 of Hoaxashoans followers (referred to under point 12 above); 2 comments are to 2 other channels who also had videos with unprovoked benefits attacks against them made by Hoaxashian (Pishnomore and LYSERGICWORLD) who I sympathised with because I stand up for truth and support those who are falsely wronged against. The other comment is a comment I left on a Smoke Mirrors video. 14. Hoaxashian without any evidence concluded (wrongly) that I don't know his comment about a woman and a cigar is a quiet from the jungle book. On the basis of that false conclusion he said I was an idiot but you did not know the quote was from the Jungle book therefore his logic would tender you an idiot. You clearly are not an idiot but this just shows how irrational and illogical he is with the defamatory and abusive slurs that he dishes out without foundation. You are clearly entitled to have your own opinion on matters and people. But if you are true to your word that you are for truth then you should be interested in seeking the evidence and facts before forming any definitive opinion . I merely ask that you take the time to digest what I say and check out the evidence (although Hiaxashian has recent delisted a lot of his abusive videos about me bit recent ones remain). If you have any queries or wish more information then please do not hesitate to contact me. Whether you wish to engage with me or not, I would appreciate if your could acknowledge that you have received and read this message. Thank you for your time. Cheers, Robbomax
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