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  • GeorgeMcGee reply Great video. I think the real red pill does not make you a Republican, it shows you that both parties are rotten to the core. I was a 25 year Democrat voter, I pushed as hard as I could against Reagan both Bush administrations. I was convinced I was right. Then I saw the truth. Capitalism and Communism both have horrors for us all. Building 7 is a glaring evidence to give anyone pause, but the Pentagon photos did it for me, photos that prove beyond any shadow of doubt that no plane hit the building. A cruse missile did. You can see it in the damage pattern. And of course when you said “show me an example” of buildings falling as if professionally demolished, I thought of the building in Singapore that had incredible fire damage and still stood tall. Proving just the opposite of what you asked for and proving your point. Well done Sir. There is a truth out there and we each must find it. I too wish for an understanding between the factions. They are all factions against the 2 party...more system I think. Could this perhaps be the start of a multi party America as people leave both major parties? Antifa and the Alt Right are not going to have a peace, but they could have an understanding. Much like the no guns rule they are about to abandon. May God save our country.
  • ShortbusMooner reply LOL! I'm not on the Illuminati tip, either.. I question Building 7, also. I'm with you- it sure looks shady.. Cha-cha-cha.. ;)
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