What Big YouTuber do YOU want on VIDME (if any)?

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  • [ – ] JustABloke reply Seriously ? why do you want Vidme to be a copy of Youtube. Vidme can take a commission from subscriptions and tips if they want, where advertisers will have no say here. As for those big youtubers, who cares, if they are making money on YouTube, no brainer, stay on YouTube. Why would Vidme want to attract these people with their bigger audience? These people are not here now and guess what, Vidme is working just fine. I'm staying here with the "Little Videmites", whose passion is about content and not followers count. If you've been observant over the last couple of months, it's the small content creators who are bursting out here and actually instantly earning money. Again Vidme is growing just fine.
    • [ – ] countrymusing parent reply I can understand your viewpoint here. My thinking was more towards VIDME becoming a competitor to YouTube...but maybe we can do it without the need for bigger youtubers. These awesome small creators here on VIDME may become the next big VIDMEers or something! In my opinion it would be great if we could have several good video platforms that can compete with each other and make each work harder to be the best site. Right now YouTube has the monopoly over the video platform site. Thanks for your comment.
      • [ – ] JustABloke parent reply Vidme doesn't need to be a competitor, in your own words, the current YouTube disatisfaction has people migrating to other platforms. Your points are totally valid, if Vidme or any other platform wants to compete, and they will fail. Vidme's heart beats to it's own tune, for now. Honestly you cannot make a comparison here.
        • countrymusing parent reply Thank you for your thoughts! Yes, Vidme is definitely doing things differently...and maybe they can continue with their success without having to compete with YouTube.
  • Marylee211 reply VidMe will progress in which ever way they wish to do so. They will have to provide a way for alternative news, etc. to come here as they do have to have ads to do their jobs and that is how they get their job done in providing the news. Do I want to see ads? No. If I don't want to see the ads I can pay to subscribe to that channel. That seems fair. Perhaps VidMe can make it an option if someone monetizes their channel through a set up of ads or subscription fees or not. It's nice here, but VidMe is likely at a point of grow or falter. That happens. How they approach to resolve this will determine what it progresses into.
  • StolenMoment reply Vidme should allow political comment to be listed as trending.
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