The Most Perverted Japanese PS4 Game Ever - AlphaOmegaSin

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  • midnight_star reply Ayyyye! Alpha's on here, that's badass! :)
  • AlphaOmegaSin reply @TheGameChasers Not only banned but I disputed it several times and proved that it didn't violate their guidelines. They then said well..... it could be "interpreted" as such. For fucks sake anything can be, so basically lost a video with several hundred thousand views because they're cunts
  • dreddbolt reply Shit. That game would make for some hilarious shenanigans in the vein of Garry's Mod. Put Yoda in there and have him saying "Make love, we will! Balls deep, you'll go!"
  • AlphaOmegaSin reply @Fighting_Zenith I didn't get outright banned, just the video itself despite proving it didn't violate any of their guidelines on YouTube
  • Fighting_Zenith reply Hey Alpha, You should look into Atari, Nintendo, and Sega homebrews if you haven't already. Sucks that you got banned because of this video.
  • alienninja009 reply @AlphaOmegaSin Awesome to see you here. BTW, I have always asked this but what is the name of the opening track that you use in this video? You've used it in other videos before and i am having a hard time searching for leads. Can you help me out here? Preferably give me a link to it or something? Thank you man. Game On!
  • JennyFedora reply @AlphaOmegaSin Welcome to Vidme, glad you decided to hop on board.
  • Aurorain reply Oh man, when the beastiality popped up, I just couldn't contain my laughter with how ridiculous it was. Hopefully you won't have to deal with that flagging nonsense on this site.
  • RadNerdChannel reply "Sucking a turtle dick."
  • TheGameChasers reply Wasnt this the one that got banned?
  • yu_kojima reply Go back to youtube, sucks
  • MatacorpseGamingShow reply Great seeing you on here man!
  • Commentguy2 reply japan does have some guidelines in censourship but they just love fun games and jokes is this going to be your main stuff. i mean they even make wtf games for wtf laughs. thats why i love them
  • ThomasSilvey reply @alphaomeagsin happy that you are on vidme too. I bet its due to YouTube and their fuckups huh?
  • _lm reply the game tittle is a joke about all the eroge shit
  • GengarPhantom reply This would be the only reason for me to buy a Ps4.
  • Gravityrush8 reply awesome video i hope will destroy youtube someday
  • alienninja009 reply @AlphaOmegaSin Thnx man. Following you on twitter. LOVE ALL YOUR VIDEOS. Huge fan.
  • redlegend reply I prefer the original into to be honest but this is cool too
  • AlphaOmegaSin reply @alienninja009 It's the main table track from Devil's Crush being covered by the band Sword of Justice from Japan
  • TonberryKing128 reply That girls got an extreme case of Tapeworm. Seriously though Why this was banned I don't know. It isn't any worse than some one post some sex scene from the Witcher.
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