The Internet is Living on Borrowed Time

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  • googIesux reply much too much to be said on this topic. good vid!
  • totallykvothe reply I joined because of you, Bryan! Hopefully it gets spot saving features soon.
  • puffins reply "We've got to remind people that GeoCities went down for no fucking reason!" - Jason Scott (2011)
  • RandomASCII reply I'm noticing a pattern here that everything that you've mentioned dying, except for AM radio, was pretty quickly replaced by a better system. I just hope the internet is not the exception to that rule if it does die soon.
  • TheOuterLinux reply expand (possible spam) "Cassette tapes are hard to find..." Not quite: Sony didn't technically end their sales of Betamax tapes until March 2016. Vinyl isn't going anywhere anytime soon. "640K ought to be enough for anybody": and Both are written in assembly and will run on pretty much anything from a floppy disk (or whatever you put it on). You can even get an assembler version of ZSNES working on them. You can still legally broadcast on VHF/UHF as long as it's local public service announcements or for religious/nonprofit stuff. No need to snapshot the internet when there are browsers like Dillo you can still rock on. DRM preventing video access only applies to payed services (aka the literal "Digital Rights Management"), not websites that do not care about legalities or at least those that never check and have embedded content. They're not going anywhere anytime soon as ...morelong as we have Net Neutrality to prevent cable companies from blocking them and forcing us to pay to watch 100+ channels of crap all over again instead of just paying for internet, to which those that refuse their bundled deals in the coming months, will be paying extra for internet-only anyway because they can if our protections go away. Time Warner hates Netflix but will boost HBO's streaming services. If the internet does go away, nothing I use beyond looking up junk, watching videos, or fighting an uphill battle for a little "Follow Me love," will stop working. Using desktop programs that require an API or cloud computing is just stupid. Heaven forbid if we all have to learn to use local hard drives again and go to the library once in a while. Actually, if Facebook and Google die-out...I might be able to enjoy digital cameras again.
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