China Mobilizes and Deploys 150,000 Soldiers to North Korean Border

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  • StolenMoment reply If the North Koreans lose a war with the U.S. they would become a major industrial center of East Asia. The auto they make 'KiM' will sell for about $3000 and would be a pedal/gas hybrid. Hotels will feature hot&cold running women. All major urban areas in the U.S. will have a neighborhood called 'Kimtown'. Restaurants there featuring bbq rodent garnished with dirt.
  • THOMPSONATOR reply North Korea's glorious war against the decadent west and Big Orange Man: Every soldier gets shoes, every other soldier gets bullets, and occasionally some lucky sonofabitch gets a 50s era Russian rifle
  • THOMPSONATOR reply R.I.P. North Korean Television streams
  • SkogComplex reply If the Korean peninsula is in a war, where are we going to have the Olympics next year? I cant' miss my damn bobsledding over this fuckery!
  • SkogComplex reply All of this takes attention off of our border, Wall to be precise. If that means it is easier to get it going, I'm almost able to tolerate this stupid shit. If this is taking time and effort away from our own border Wall promise, Fuck this too.
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