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  • [ – ] Unhipalmond360 reply I agree, I do not trust them one bit. Either she is lying and trying conform to what is popular at the time. Or she is weak. Either way, not someone you want to be with or trust.
    • pjalmighty42 parent reply I believe the term is called a "chameleon." Most, if not all, women are that way by nature. Either for attention, or to attract men who are MGTOW.
  • [ – ] pjalmighty42 reply Hey, nice video. Just a request? If you're going to give your input, please follow other channel's templates. Pause the video, state your opinion/point, then continue playing the video? I think the reason why they do this is because if you don't, it's like two people talking over each other. In which case, no one is able to understand what you were saying.
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