The LEGO Batman Movie | Movie Review

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  • duffy reply cant wait to go!
  • sarah reply That lego in the beginning really looks like you omg. welp, just like everyone else i GUESS i have to go watch it now
  • Marshmeowlo reply that intro was so clever! and wow i didnt expect this movie to be good at all tbh.. it looked so cheesy in the trailers but i guess i have to go check it out now
  • MudanTV reply will definitely go see this! nice review
  • warren reply Can tell you genuinely loved it. Excited to see this!
  • JustHypeVibe reply I agree with your review. I haven't watch it yet though but this gives me more eagerness to watch the movie :D
  • spicytots reply ugh i always avoid lego movies because it looks so whatever but i always hear otherwise and i just dont get it!!!! @___@ i really dont want to watch them but at the same time i need to see what the hype is about fml
  • RossLovesMovies reply I found LEGO Batman to be a very hit or miss comedy but was really saved by the clear amount of love and heart behind the source material. The detail in the animation along with the overwhelming references were amazing and had an amazing relationship portrayed with the Joker and Batman. An enjoyable movie brought down by bad beat boxing and a lack of fleshed out supporting characters
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