Listen Up! My Monitoring Post (S2 Shop)

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  • [ – ] fointel reply Cool video. Where'd you learn all that??
    • Cellblock776 parent reply Over many years of playing with various radio systems and reading a lot of things. Let's see, I was operating a CB base station with AM and SSB modes back when I was around 12 years old. My dad was a cop and volunteer fireman so I had an old crystal controlled scanner for listening to the local PD and FD radio freqs. Then, l got into Shortwave listening. When I got deployed to Desert Storm with 1st Cav Div I made sure I took a portable Shortwave radio to liten to on my M1A1 tank. It was a great source of information. A few years after getting out of the Army I got my ham radio license and continued my scanning hobby as law enforcement and others migrated to digital trunked radio systems. As the technology changed I kept up. I learned to follow Live Feeds on YouTube and Facebook of things like this Alton Sterling protest and the protests down in New Orleans over the Civil War monuments. I track "hashtags" of things I plan to "Battle Track. I learned signal intel and information ...moreanalyst skills from lots of reading and following blogs by people such as Kit Perez who posts at The Order Of The White Rose, . I follow the blogs of guys with military Intel experience such as Sam Culper who runs Forward Observer, , and listen to his podcasts, , where I learn more about gathering information and how to turn it into useful Intelligence. I am also a member of AmRRON Corps, , where I hone my skills to support my community and fellow patriots should lines of communication fail or be compromised. In other words, I'm nearly 50 years old and for about 40 of those years I've been playing with radios and other tech to either listen in or to reach out to others. I consider information gathering to be a MAJOR part of my prepping. We have seen time and again the panic and bad decisions which occur when people caught up in a disaster or emergency don't have up to date information about what is going on around them. They feel cut off or overwhelmed and t rarely ends well. Many times a simple AM/FM battery operated radio can be what keeps people alive because it gives them information and hope. Sorry for the long delay responding to your question and sorry for the long reply. I try to be concise and often just get long winded instead. Take Care.
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