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  • ClimatePonziLie reply Carbon Capture driving up the price of fuel processing, who wins the Government as they collect even more GST. Increase Minimum Wage, biggest winners the Government as your in a higher TAX bracket. Why don't they increase the Basic personal TAX deduction so people under $12.00 don't pay any taxes. It another sneaky way to increase TAXES. The same is don with NATO, what does NATO support do for either Canada or the USA. Many item that use to be part of your property TAXES are now on your Utility Bills. Sneaky TAX Grabbing. Increasing the prices of Concrete by going along with the Paris agreement. As Concrete production is to be cut, by 28% under the Agreement. What does that mean the price of Cement will spick and the GST on the even more expensive product will also increase and even fewer people will be able to purchase a home. What is limestone it is coral, and sea Shells, and it also need to be processed with a lot of Carbon that will also be TAXED. That will be Taxed on Taxed. The s...moreteel for a car will go up because the carbon to make the steel will become more expensive, but the car makers will go around that, they will get their steel from China. The last steel makers in Canada will disappear. Trud eau has his trust fund to keep him well feed. While Canadians stave in a land of plenty because they have NO jobs or EI runs out and they go bankrupt. Already the Government has reported that Meat sales are down. Why, Because Canadians are (Vegans) or are broke.
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