Alien VS Hunter Review

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  • [ – ] TrackHead reply Also, how have you enjoyed using this web-site versus using YouTube?
    • TrackHead parent reply What is your channel name on YouTube? I'll check it out. This is my very first visit to vidme, and I have 'day-job'. Sad to hear about the damage to your income on YouTube. Dang man. TrackHead Studios on YouTube is my channel... I gotta run, I'll be back on this site over the next few weeks, so I'll be back. Thanks for your reply... now I'll go explore how I subscribe to you here on this site. LOL! Have a great evening.
    • [ – ] DeckerShado parent reply I've been anxious to diversify for a while, as YouTube channels are deleted every week and I'd hate to have to scrap my entire online presence and start over yet again... It's been way easier moving content over here vs Dailymotion. (I've got several vids permabanned over there, I have no idea why people think they're less of a pain to deal with than YouTube.) Of course for me, having finally "made it" on YouTube and making at least what I was when I was working a regular job, only for now to be making 20% of that... yeah... not quite as enthused about the lack of ads on Vidme. Then again, I'm looking at how the subscription system works, and trying to figure out how to incorporate patreon rewards that I've been doing for years over into Vidme. On Patreon, I have tiered rewards. $1 a months gets access to a monthly podcast, $5 a month ads a monthly riff into it and $10 gives access to a monthly livestream. As far as I can tell, on Vidme the subscription is a single set monthly fee kin...moreda thing, which would make my patreon reward tiers less than easy to translate over. Also, I don't think there's livestreaming on Vidme just yet, unfortunately. Still, it's fun to browse the hot videos page on Vidme. I've been enjoying just doing that, channel surfing on vidme the way one used to be able to do on YouTube. Now it's just "wanna search for a vid, or watch the late show? Maybe some MTV?"
  • TrackHead reply Great review. You are funny, I very much enjoyed this. Come check out my YouTube Channel. I'm a total amateur 'film-maker' just started a few years ago, definitely improved over the past few years, so much more to learn. Check out my Zombie series. TrackHead Studios on YouTube. So, I came to for the very first time because I'm considering long-term plans to leave, or at least diversify, you 'YouTube' only video uploads. Here's a link to my channel; I'd love to hear what you think:
  • slyofwar reply *look closely at this comment*:THIS COMMENT IS REALLY IMPORTANT TRY SHAKING YOU MONITOR FOR BEST RESULTS (don't actually shake any monitors)
  • [ – ] MarzieMalfoy reply Have you done a review for Origins?
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