Parallel Universes

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  • [ – ] Flying_Purple_Pizzas reply Hey, good topic. This world is full of surprises. Lots of hidden stuff. Consciousness has many tricks. "Stranger Things" got me hooked too, although it took me two days to finish season 1. You just know it's based on some secret govt stuff that really happened, albeit loosely.
    • iiMitor parent reply Really?... It's based on real life? That's crazy!!.... But yea, stranger things is probably one of my favorite shows right now. So hyped for season 2
  • [ – ] Huktoz reply this the type stuff I still watch YouTube for thanks for taking a step to get this type of stuff over to iiMitor
  • [ – ] Pot-Thoughts reply Only 2 "realities" Two and only two. 11 dimensions. Two realities. I can support this.
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