Progression of Social Agendas

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  • John_Sheppard reply women will beg us men to come back to them and they will push for a hard patriarchy and we won't come back. Because if you give a mouse a piece of cheese it will want a glass of milk. If we give women one right to give them freedom they will always want more and more.
  • [ – ] Kiruna reply My thought, the word is out on the nature of women. and yes, if women play "nice" most men will want to take them in. however, I don't see that happening to a large degree until the laws concerning divorce that is aimed at destroying us men change. men will not take women in, until law enforcement and the courts stop taking a woman's word as truth. until women both socially, and legally are held accountable for their misdeeds. their may be a bit of balance, but it is just this moment as the scales tip in a drastic way towards men. the big dog of feminine is a cult that as it tries to stand up to men as a large group saying no, feminism is going to be crushed into the ground. As far as Im concerned, it already is being crushed.
    • [ – ] kendrakane parent reply you are a faggot
      • Kiruna parent reply Im twice your age Ken. I've was married 32 years, longer than you have been alive. My wife died from ALS 5 years ago. I nursed her all the way. and I still morn her death. Still, I've seen and see what western women are, have become in the past decades. Listen up, before you find yourself destroyed by your own ignorance.
      • [ – ] OralRobots parent reply I see you're new to MGTOW. We've heard all of the childish insults, and they don't work anymore. Please try again.
  • kendrakane reply lol what are you talking about? I am 3o years old and i am praying women are the brink of finding ways to reproduce without males. Other species of females are doing this already. The human race is dependent upon the female.
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