How the Shills Attempt to Bait the Alt Media

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  • SkogComplex reply Styx, anyone whose watched you evolve for at least the last 5 years, knows you are solid.
  • CleetusVDamme reply Jewish? We can all agree you are an Alien from the future. Not that there is anything wrong with that
  • SkogComplex reply I'm very angry with Trump, and severely disappointed at this neocohen turn of events. If he comes back to his senses , I'll let it go. If his domestic policy is what I voted for, I'll support it. People are shilling in all directions though. It's a massa confusa.
  • [ – ] void1029 reply Holy fucking wind in the mic styx
  • ModernCaveman reply I think they do that in the comments to be used for censorship when you tube goes after channels for censorship past monetization.
  • Vyresse reply If you care to know, I'm currently in Italy (and using a local ISP) and your youtube channel is 100% accessible to me, not sure who told you otherwise, but it's wrong... as far as I'm aware, at least.
  • sjacobus reply I like your channel because you are not a corporate fucking you research what you talk about.
  • TheACP333 reply Some of us speak NLP naturally...
  • TheACP333 reply I Love the hell out of your commentary... Very salient points all I think in my humble opinion if you upped your production values you would see an uptick in viewers ... It's the old GOLDFISH problem that we must contend with
  • zzwardog reply Oh Gawd the wind!
  • Snuffly reply i like listing to you when im working on my games or when im playing diablo 3 its soothing <3
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