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Brutal Doom Deathmatch (PC) - The Most Glorious Bloodbath Ever!! - Saturday Afternoon Gaming

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October 10 2017

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Super bot kill fest! If you liked this video consider supporting the series ► Follow me on Twitter ► Check out the website ► Check out the book ► I'm Gaming Jay: Youtube gamer, let's player, fan of retro games, and determined optimist... Normally I'm working my way through the book 1001 VIDEO GAMES YOU MUST PLAY BEFORE YOU DIE in my Let's Play 1001 Games series. This is a great book with a ton of classic retro games but it doesn't have everything and it's even missing some of my favorite video games. Hence, in Saturday Afternoon Gaming, screw it, I'm just going to play whatever I want! In this series I will be playing some of the best retro games that don't appear in the 1001 VIDEO GAMES YOU MUST PLAY BEFORE YOU DIE book. So pull up a chair, slap on your headphones, and join me as babble aimlessly through some of my most favourite classic games! And hey, if you have ideas or suggestions feel free to leave them in the comments below. I'm always looking for more games to try! Today's game is... Brutal Doom from Brutal Doom is a gameplay mod for the video game Doom. Developed by the Brazilian modder Marcos Abenante, a.k.a. Sergeant_Mark_IV, it adds numerous features not present in Doom. Brutal Doom adds many gameplay features, such as ragdoll physics, gibs, blood splatter, an updated particle system[1][2][3], stealth kills, headshots etc. Unlike in the original game.[4] Enemy AI has been revamped and have many features not seen Doom, such charging up for an attack.[4] New and revamped guns were added in the mod, including a flamethrower and an assault rifle.[5] Weapon behaviour was also changed, but most notably, the usage of a reloading system. The mod has been in development since 2010, and continues to release new updates. The mod was praised by John Romero, who said that if Id Software had released the original Doom with the features of Brutal Doom, they would have "destroyed the gaming industry".[7] Chris Plante of Polygon called it "stomach-churning" and "hysterical".[8] Andras Neltz of Kotaku said that it was "shaping up to be one of the modding greats".[9] Brutal Doom won the "Mod of the Year" award from Mod DB in 2012.

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