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  • [ – ] BrianAiya reply well if something interesting happens in the weekends, you should vlog. I just don't want you to burnout because i feel like you an introvert like me and it might be really exhausting. Think of vlogging like working out, vlogging is good for your creativity and mind, but you need days to just consume and relax instead of creating. Glad to see your vids come back! :) mention in your vids that you need new intros so that i can send you a new one. PS your friend is talented, does he have a soundcloud? maybe some creators are willing to use his music for their short films
    • MarcAngeloRocafort parent reply I've tried it for 2 days and I can feel how tiring it can get and I'm so thankful you told me to take it easy on the weekends! thanks for the advice :D Sorry if there was alot of noise in the vlog, I realized I forgot to fix the sound when I was editing and yes my bestmate has a soundcloud: :D
  • [ – ] 512markdd reply Yes! Daily dose of MAR!
  • datnewtechnology reply Rob needs to start posting videos :D this is my first taste of your channel and I love it. I wish you all of the support in the world!
  • OrangeJuiceJones-Games reply If had some soothing piano music to wake up to like, I'm sure my day would go smoothly. Nothing like spending time with your best friend!
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