If Le Pen wins, there will be a civil war.

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  • [ – ] ToIsleOfView reply Absolutely. Reality is that Muslims are destroying western civilization for an Islamic pipe dream. The money powers are pushing this because they know the Muslims won't be able to fight back when they are swooped up in the night and sent to the gas ovens just like the Jews. Stop the Muslims and stop the money powers before humanity is turned into fertilizer.
    • 1chriscuthbertson parent reply You are thinking exactly the same way as me, the Western fightback against the muslims is imminent and will be implemented like the French Resistance in WW2 against the Nazis, it will be stealth attacks and locally in the night, they wont know whats hit them, cos as Tommy says here they are only at 5% in UK, so they are massively outnumbered, they will be thrashed and rendered helpless with shock and not before time !
  • 1chriscuthbertson reply Nice one Tommy, ime from Middlesbrough UK, ive been in Austin Texas for 8 years now as a Singer/Songwriter, ive written some good patriotic Punk songs that you could use at your rallys etc if you want but also will you Email me cos ive got some good ideas on how to implement what your talking about here, we really do need to fight back now and we will, cos even the docile left are waking up to this now, my Email is boroboymusic@yahoo.com
  • girlreadingbooks reply Thanks for posting here Tommy - keep it up!
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