What Has She Done for YOU

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  • SilverSphinx reply One game wives play is controlling the sex. They start denying their husband a sex life and only give up occasional, intermittent sex, after being pressured into it so it ain't no fun. It used to be called Disassociation of Affection and was considered a divorceable offense against marriage covenant. Husbands should demand a reasonable, per the man, sex life with their wife. Insisting on sex during illness, while grieving the death of a loved etc. is unreasonably demanding and such a husband is an ass in my view. Also, girlfriends retain sole self ownership and should not be coerced beyond threatening to end the relationship. But if things are otherwise normal- demand an active sex life with your wife. She MUST! If your wife refuses to accommodate having a frequent, active sex life get a divorce and don't dally about it. If she wants to work on things, and you're willing, do it after the divorce. The divorce is your only real leverage. You might, or migh...moret not, get back together, but, she MUST do the sex life thing to be married to you. Wives MUST be sexually active with their husbands. Your wife MUST be one that responds, "Yes!" to your advances or divorce them quickly. Don't drag it out, having argument after argument, for months and months, and certainly not a for a year or longer. They Do it! or Divorce! Do not stay married to a woman that does not want a sex life with you. Demand it men! She MUST!
  • [ – ] 420brian reply women don't do anything for me...MGTOW
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