More Entitled College Students - This TimeWhining About a Photographer

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  • iwanttobelieve reply Holy shit America fell to pieces fast. Poor kid, the whole idiotic hive mind deal is so real here. Are American young adults really THAT stupid? So it's a 'student-only' area, but this student isn't allowed... So it's 'their right' (wow) to move forward, but he's not allowed to move cause that's assault on them... They are in PUBLIC but trying to say it's illegal for him to record... The teacher even joining in... Jeez I just can't even go on. Why do people shoot up elementary schools but not these lunatics?
  • evangreenberg reply I think they forgot what they were protesting. "Hey hey, ho ho, reporters have to go... and something else!"
  • TheKingofTV reply Who is stupider? The crowd for thinking they have rights they don't or the reporter for arguing with them?
  • ErinAlexis reply "Excuse me, if you are gonna take my picture, you need to back up, " and get my good side.
  • JoeMFCraig reply The crowd: "Stop Looking At Me!" The photographer: "But you're protesting. Don't you want to be seen?" The crowd: "STOP LOOKING AT ME!"
  • stevek reply @iwanttobelieve Great input!
  • SambaSchutte reply Uhm I think it's that photographer who feels entitled
  • Rodlu13 reply Haha....."TwiLight Zonishness" ?
  • flippo reply If I was part of the Mars 1 program, and scheduled to be one of the first people to colonize Mars, I'd quit after seeing this video. Our society isn't worth saving. I'm going back to my day job.
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