How to Slim Down Your Wallet // Minimalist Wallets

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  • [ – ] FinalCause reply I use an "OCD RFID" wallet. It's slim and has a shielding to deter hackers scanning your credit card.
  • [ – ] redRomina reply @Az-Canuck no. I hate purses. (: I go for the small bags. Enough to fit a wallet, my camera, sunglasses, & chargers.
    • [ – ] Az-Canuck parent reply Good for you! When we'd try to clear hockey game security lines it would become time consuming! The other side is that if I needed some cold medicine etc somehow they'd magically appear! You ladies are still a mystery to me!
      • [ – ] redRomina parent reply lol yea I don't like carrying things. Guys have it easier, pant pockets are bigger. Sometimes I can't even fit my phone in some of my pants' pockets. Let alone a big wallet! This is why I love jackets with inside pockets! I never carry a bag when I wear those. ^_^
        • [ – ] Az-Canuck parent reply Well, a chick with "storage space" can be a benefit! I always hand off my wallet, keys and my cell phone and she puts them in her purse! I am "free and clear"! HAAA! You vids are pretty good and you seem like a kind person!
  • Az-Canuck reply Well, be honest now eh! You took that slim wallet and stuffed it into a huge purse correct? :0) Every girl friend I have ever had, had a HUGE purse that contained who knows what! HAAAA!!!
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