I Was Looted By Thieves Scum Of The Earth

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  • gabmcking reply George Carlin: We come from that northern European, basically the northern European genes, the blue eyes. Those blue eyes. Boy everybody in the world learned real quick, didn't they? When those blue eyes sail out of the north, you better nail everything down. Nail it down, strap it down, or they'll grab it. If they can’t take it home, they'll burn it. If they can't burn it, they'll fuck it
  • [ – ] geordieprepper reply Oh man, so sorry this has happened to you. It is likely however that they'll come back after sometime knowing you'll re-stock and continue with the build. Might be worth putting in some measures to reduce that risk now.
  • baremetal reply Check local pawn shops and Craigslist. You might find some of your stuff there. Thieves are usually pretty stupid.
  • SFATech reply You should install a wireless camera system hooked up to your phone.Catch them in the act.
  • CiliRat reply Very Sorry man! Maybe hide some trail Cams to watch the area when you are not there.
  • subtac reply I would have to agree with Ted...
  • TechyFarm reply That is very sad!!!
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