What Is Ashi's Fate TONIGHT? | Samurai Jack |

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  • [ – ] nodetact reply HeroHei, you have a Vidme channel?! Hot damn, and as I literally just watched your Samurai Jack series finale reaction ONLY ON YOUR YOUTUBE VERSION OF THE HEROHEI CHANNEL JUST THIS MORNING, I could only figure doing my own analysis of the long awaited closure on the Anime and Manga category of the Vidme platform as soon as I ever get strait to making my own videos... And now I look at this? So cool! I'm looking forward to your thoughts on what happened by the end of the last cartoon episode too! ^*~*^
    • [ – ] HeroHei parent reply Indeed! Haha, that is hilarious man! So you just found the channel and stuff as of the finale video eh? Well that's awesome though, I'm glad to have a chance to get in touch on both platforms! You should totally make that analysis video! I'd love to see it! I'll be keeping an eye out for sure :D
      • nodetact parent reply Well long story short, I was using the mobile client for YouTube called Tubecast (w10m device) and even after hearing about all these other platforms from current Vidizens like @ComputingForever and @RURDY4IT off of their YouTube channels (the VERY first time I heard about Vidme was due to me literally YouTube searching for 'youtube alternatives' and what luck rofl?), I just tend to make the most of YouTube while its there... Which led to me searching up music from my favorite cartoons (ex's Jacob Two Two, The Backyardigans, Kids Next Door, etc.) and video games (ex's Wind Waker, Thousand Year Door, Pac Man World 3, etc.) from the previous decade in my childhood and I presume thats when both you and that other man whom promises a tribute project video tomorrow to celebrate the end of Samurai Jack came up in my feed. By the way I have a logged in account to my YouTube app at the moment that I have used to gain love and hate throughout the past few years of commenting there, but it's Gma...moreil isn't the same one as my Vidme's account email... Which is a 2017 new years new slate Gmail! So let it be known that I currently semi bench Playstriker32 aside of Diagnoseer @nodetact, but then again I just used it to comment on that politics woman's (linked above in this comment) final YouTube video, so, you never know, honestly. As such, life's far more fascinating when uncertain.
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